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Thursday, February 22, 2007

.:: How To Be Close With Allah S.W.T? ::.

Created by Rafiq Muslim.

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and happy day greetings to all my beloved friends wherever you are and whenever you reading this entry. Praise to Allah S.W.T for giving us HIS loved, blessed even helped when we ask for it. And HE will never leave us when we need HIM in any situation. I swear there is no God except Allah S.W.T The Almighty and i swear that The Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H HIS right messenger. We as HIS believer with all and deepest our heart must said it more and more everyday even every time to injection our pious more powerful.

Pious of the believers sometime increase and sometime decrease. If that increase, the believers will feeling well, smooth and relax. But if that decrease will make the believers tension, depress and clumsy. So what is the way to be very close with Allah S.W.T? If we refer back to Holy Quran and Pure Sunnah there's so many way to keep our heart clean to be close little bit with Allah S.W.T one of them we need to renew almost recall the 'syahadat' that sign of our truth pious increase in the same time take we close with Allah S.W.T. We should doing what have been guideline from The Creature as our worship.

To make ourself more careful and always remember in our behavior, other things to increase and make we close little bit with Allah S.W.T, we should remember HIM (zikir) as many as we can everyday and every time to avoid us from incurious and not severe. There's many way how to remember HIM like pray 5 times a day with 'nawafil', recite the Holy Quran, always praise to HIM in whatever situation and much more. I believe all of you better know about this. Everything what i had discussed need to being practically in our way and what the important is not going out in Islam guidelines (bidaah).

The conclusion of this discussion, what we need to do is always remember Allah S.W.T in any situation. I am not the best person in this handwriting. But i doing this to whom did not understand malay and arabic language. This is the way i can share with you even there is some broken english because i am not englishman. Everything is coming from The Creature The One who managing HIS creature. Thanks for all your support. Praise to Allah S.W.T more and more for this chance and opportunity giving to us. Wassalam.

BeLoVeD HIS BlEssInG's,

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