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Saturday, March 24, 2007

.:: Life Must Go On ::.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Peace upon you all my beloved friend. Hope we'll always in HIS merciful. And most important we live now to making as many good things to present for HIM in the end of the day coming soon. Peace and bless upon him, our beloved Prophet Muhammad Bin Abdullah for his effort before with no pain and no bored until we now reached light of Islam. Praise to Allah for being us in HIS pure religion and avoid us from other astray-religion.

What we need to do now was doing what had been commanded to us from Allah in HIS Holy Quran and The Prophet (PBUH) in his Sunnah as we know. I don't know to write something more interesting to sharing with you all furthermore if you are someone so credibility in english language. I'm was human who like to do something more adventure like writing in english even i'm not better in this thing. All what we have to do to tell everyone the truth of our way of Islam not just for us. We must try to take and pull anyone to our side.

Obviously the other religions like Christian and Jew was from Allah too, that was before HIS sent The Prophet (PBUH) in this world. But what we seen now them all had changed much more to the true holy book and much more. What other proof they want to show to us for their true way of life? By the way, i don't want to write too much because my english dictionary was too limited.

The conclusion from this discussion is life must go on and our job as Islam's missionary to give explanation about our true way of life and our principle to other religions. Thats all i can sharing with all of you. Please give any comments for this entry if there's something wrong or something you need more explanation. Thank you Allah for this writing inspiration. Also thanks to all my beloved friends for the supports and injections to do so.

MaHbUb MaRdHaTiLLaH,

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