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Saturday, December 08, 2007

.:: Life Must Survival!! ::.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Peace upon all with full blessings and hope upon us forever in HIS Gracious. Praise to Allah for this opportunity that he gave to meet all of you guys in this 'unbounded world'. Thankful to Allah for sent us the great lovely prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessing Upon Him (PBUH) for all His effort until we live in peacefully and happiness. That's also make our life more worth than others whom not stand in this truth way of life, pure religion, ISLAM only the one legal religion in this universe in the same time at HIS side's. For a long time i am not writing any entry posting in Arabic as my second tongue language also in English as my informal language. After seen my friend posting his new entry in English make me want to make some different posting to all my friends readers.

Absolutely we need to try more and more to improve our skills in this second tongue and informal language. Furthermore Arabic language. Although we in the situation of arabic customs and culture we are. So we must take any reflection to make sure any bad news will be clean as possible as we return back to our hometown. We need to renew and raise our intention from day to another that our basically in this important world need fulfill and upper our state in community. What people will say behind just ignore it and increase our skills with any solutions we can as writing, reading more and more books even speaking with others in this abnormal language to giving more lessons of our potential. That's the main point of this discussion.

Actually that's not really thing i want to talk about. Maybe after you read the main title of this new entry, you will said what really thing i want to talk about right? I am sure whole of you my beloved friends already knew what had happened to me. That bad thing suddenly appear while me in the middle to face this final year examination. In the first place after heard this bad news my spirit and courage already down. I never felt like this before but after my beloved mother passed away i feel just like lonely because my parents gone already. How do you feel if this things happened to you? Absolutely you will feel down and stressed out of study. But thats not the reason for me to frustrated my parents even after they all gone. Thanks to Allah for giving me all the friends no matter and where ever you are always giving me a support to make this fake life must go on.

By the way passed already passed and not coming back. I need to realize that thing and someday later we too will go back to HIS side's. All we need to do now to prepare as better as we can to make sure our life there better. What already commands by Allah we got to do the best and get rid from doing anything will making our suffer later. That's the simple thing we must do need big effort to get rid with the bad things. I am not the best to advise but what the important thing referred in HIS Holy Quran HIS apostled advise with rights and advise with patience. Obviously when everything had happened to me before make me thinking that Allah could not giving the tribulation to HIS servant after knew his patience to face the problems either to punished HIS servant until his sins getting clean and clear. I convinced with HIS apostled that truth never lies.

Deep From My Heart,


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