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Thursday, April 24, 2008

.:: Face It With Full Strength ::.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is unbelievable instead myself. But it was true. Even i deny it, i need to accepted whatever had been wrote for me certainly for overall those live in this temporary world before we transferring to the other world. Of course here and after either heaven or hell. Hope HIS mercy and blessings upon us through HIS BELOVED The Prophet Peace and Blessing Upon Him (PBUH).

I am not in mood to writing long essay about this coming oral exam me myself and others of friends from The Faculty of Islamic Theology in Al Azhar University. But it just for fun. Therefore we especially me myself not prepared well. Although many buts or reasons i gave, there is nothing more i can do to changing this noted had been wrote.

I need to prepared as soon as possible before this 13th May. That day was the first paper of my final exam in this final year. 8 verses of the Holy Koran i must recalled with all my full strength. I must doing the best and prove to my beloved siblings, family, fiance, brothers and friends that i should be more successful from before. Even i am pro active in an organization, but that is not the reasons to throw me into the failure!

I must working hard as i am working for The Malay Association In Arab Republic Of Egypt to ensure the mission and vision become true. Yes, i must do as much as i can to give my full proud to Islam later after i am graduate from this greatest university in the world, Al Azhar University.

I am also hope our full pray for our success not only for our self. We must setting our mind to ensure pray for all success not selfish for our self. In the end, hope this pure will be our witness and helping us. That is what i had trained myself for not being not selfish and forgotten others to success. Beware our self do not being selfish.

Thanks for all of your encouragement to me especially and for us here at Al Azhar University. Also to all those studying here in Egypt including Qiraat and Medical students. I wishes the successful will be ours for Islam because ALLAH. Taking good care each others. Keep in touch with ALLAH and Islam truth way of life. Chaiyok-chaiyok, aja-aja fighting!

P/S : Writer got band 3 in his Malaysian University English Test (MUET) at Johor Arabic High School in year 2003! His English Language is not bad right? Sorry if there is many mistake happened in the previous essay. Give your comments and critics for me to improve my english skills. :)

Inspiration from deep of my heart,